We are a Fairtrade Church FINDING US St John-at-Hackney Church,  Lower Clapton Road, London E5 0PD, UK
We are next to Hackney Police Station on Churchwell Path opposite Clapton Square.
  (we will add a map soon) Rail: Hackney Central, Hackney Downs. 
Tube: Bethnal Green or Whitechapel (then bus)
  Bus: 30, 38, 48, 55, 106, 242, 253, 254, 394, S2

This site was updated on 30 April 2009
Lighting up time Serving the Kingdom of God in the Spirit of Jesus
Welcome to our website. We hope that what you read in these pages will sufficiently whet your appetite for you to visit our church. We are glad to have virtual visitors but are still more pleased to have real ones! We welcome people of any faith. St John-at-Hackney belongs to the Church of England and is in the Stepney Episcopal Area of the Diocese of London. It has stood at the heart of Hackney for centuries, seeking to serve the people of Hackney throughout a history which has seen bewildering changes to the local community. That history is fascinating and there are many reminders of it both in the church and in our wonderful churchyard. But we are not a museum!

There is wheelchair access to the main body (ground floor) of the church.
We are a community of Christians determined to keep up with what happens in Hackney today and in the future.
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